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F5 Lab Setup

Table of Contents This F5 lab consists of 2x virtual appliances, with all modules available for configuration. It also includes …

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VMware NSX Lab Setup

NSX Manager Setup (more instructions in Useful Links Section): 1. Install NSX manger on ESXI-11 2. IP address – …

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Cassandra Data Modelling

A Simple Class Diagram Our example is going to be very straightforward. We have some basic details about a person …

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MongoDB Compaction

Compaction Running a big MongoDB installation necessitates a certain amount of periodic maintenance. One of these routine tasks is compaction. …

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MongoDB Access Control

Maintaining a secure MongoDB setup requires administrators to implement controls that ensure users and applications may only access the data …

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Technical Education and Jobs in Africa

tagsList Africa has a number of great emerging markets that have become important in recent years. Countries like Kenya, Sudan …

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