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About Us

About the company​

Testclue is all about providing Hands-On information, courses for new and experienced professionals. Focused on bringing useful blend of textbook knowledge and real practical application of technology. On Testclue we promote education via means of courses, tests, forums & webinars. Users can participate in courses, forums and even exchange their own experience / research. Approach is bit different on Testclue, here the focus is to ENABLE users to achieve exactly what they are looking for. We promote cross-technology courses, learning with implementation in focus and encourage sharing knowledge which can be tangibly applied.

There are two main categories we are covering – Engineering Education & Professional IT Skills, along with these two there are other categories which we believe are helpful to create a well-rounded personality. Networking technologies, network automation, programming, Linux Administration, Open-Source technologies are main technical topics covered on this site.​
Collection of courses and articles, webinars are work of expert professionals in their respective fields. In each course the focus is to explain the topic with help of working examples which includs, text, graphics, audio & video. Courses do have time based learning option to provide a guided learning, but self-paced learning is supported throughout the courses. Webinars are concentrated on learning complex issues via direct interactions
Included with all the courses, certification & badge are way of formally establishing the status gained after going through course. Users with badges & certificates may have special privilege on site, access to premium content or high visibility as certified talent. depending on the course, forum need can be moderator. There is possibility to validate the certificate ID on the site front.
One of main component of Testclue is to have live webinars with real time instructor and participant interaction. Webinars are focused on installing, configuring, designing and skills which are needed for performing real time jobs.
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