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Engineering Graphics


Courses Included


This course covers generic syllabus for Engineering Graphics.


UNIT I: Scales, Conic sections, Special Curves

Representative factor, plain scales, diagonal scales, scale of chords. Construction of ellipse, parabola, hyperbola by different methods; Normal and Tangent. Cycloid, Epi-cycloid, Hypo-cycloid, Involutes, Archimedean and logarithmic spirals.

UNIT II: Projection

Projection: Types of projection, orthographic projection, first and third angle projection,
Projection of points and lines: Line inclined to one plane, inclined with both the plane, True Length and True Inclination, Traces of straight lines.

UNIT III: Projection of planes and solids

: Projection of Planes like circle and polygons in different positions; Projection of polyhedrons like prisms, pyramids and solids of revolutions like cylinder, cones in different positions.

UNIT IV: Section of Solids, Development of Surfaces

Section of right solids by normal and inclined planes; Intersection of cylinders. Parallel line and radial – line method for right solids.

UNIT V: Isometric Projections & Computer Aided Drafting

Isometric scale, Isometric axes, Isometric Projection from orthographic drawing. (CAD): Introduction, benefit, software’s basic commands of drafting entities like line, circle, polygon, polyhedron, cylinders; transformations and editing commands like move, rotate, mirror, array; solution of projection problems on CAD.


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