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Communication Skills



This course cover generic syllabus for Communication Skills.



Unit 1 :- Communication

Linguistic techniques, Modern usages, Reading comprehension, English phonetic symbols/sings, Oral presentation, Audition Communication, Processes of Communication, Verbal and Non Verbal Communication, Barriers to Communication.

Unit 2 :- Listening Skills

Listening is a combination of what we hear,understand and remember.It has been defined as the “process of hearing identifying, understanding and interpreting the spoken language.The process whereby the human ear receives sound stimuli in the brain and remembers it.”It is most basic of all the communication skills-listening ,reading ,speaking and writing.It is also the most important form of verbal communication.

Unit 3 :- Letter Writing

Courtesy should be an important consideration in all letters whether application, sales or complaint . If the tone is courteous,relation with reader will be positive and the reader will be more receptive to the message .Complaint and adjustment letters should be also composed with a courteous and polite tone.

Unit 4 :- Precise Writing

Precise writing is a writing which is clear, exact and concise .Technical and business writing should have the quality of preciseness, because time is of premium and wasting time over useless repetitive material can cause loss of money .Precise writing and proper use of words leads to simplicity and clarity. One should avoid superfluous details and roundabout expression and come directly to point.

Unit 5 :- Report Writing

A report is a description of an event or happening that is carried back to someone who was not present during the event’s occurrence. A report helps an executive perform his functions of planning and evaluating men and material resources efficiently. Report help writer to develop the power of discrimination , judgement and communication.


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