Basic Mechanical Engineering


Courses Included

This course covers generic syllabus for Basic Mechanical Engineering


UNIT- 1: Materials

Classification of engineering material, composition of cast iron and carbon steels on iron-carbon diagram and their mechanical properties; Alloy steel and their applications; stress-strain diagram, Hooks law and modulus of elasticity. Tensile, shear, hardness and fatigue testing of materials.

UNIT-2: Measurement

Temperature, pressure, velocity, flow, strain, force and torque measurement, concept of measurement error & uncertainly analysis, measurement by Vernier caliper, micrometer, dial gauges, slip gauges, sine-bar and combination set; introduction to lath, drilling, milling and shaping machines.

UNIT-3: Fluids

Fluid properties, pressure, density and viscosity; pressure variation with depth, static and kinetic energy; Bernauli’s equation for in-compressible fluids, viscous and turbulent flow, working principle of fluid coupling, pumps, compressors, turbines, positive displacement machines and pneumatic machines. Hydraulic power & pumped storage plants for peak load management as compared to base load plants.

UNIT-4: Thermodynamics

First and second law of thermodynamics; steam properties, steam processes at constant pressure, volume, enthalpy & entropy, classification and working of boilers, efficiency & performance analysis, natural and induced draught, calculation of chimney height. Refrigeration, vapor absorption & compression cycles, coefficient of perform (COP), refrigerant properties & eco friendly refrigerants.

UNIT-5: Reciprocating Machines

Steam engines, hypothetical and actual indicator diagram; Carnot cycle and ideal efficiency; Otto and diesel cycles; working of two stroke & four stroke petrol & diesel IC engines


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