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Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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This course covers generic syllabus for Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering.



Voltage and current sources, dependent and independent sources, source conversion, DC circuits analysis using mesh & nodal method, Thevenin’s & superposition theorem, star-delta transformation. 1-phase AC circuits under sinusoidal steady state, active, reactive and apparent power, physical meaning of reactive power, power factor, 3-phase balanced and unbalanced supply, star and delta connections.

Unit II: Transformers

Review of laws of electromagnetism, mmf, flux, and their relation, analysis of magnetic circuits. Single-phase transformer, basic concepts and construction features, voltage, current and impedance transformation, equivalent circuits, phasor diagram, voltage regulation, losses and efficiency, OC and SC test.

Unit III: Rotating Electric machines

Constructional details of DC machine, induction machine and synchronous machine, Working principle of 3-Phase induction motor, Emf equation of 3-Phase induction motor, Concept of slip in 3- Phase induction motor, Explanation of Torque-slip characteristics of 3-Phase induction motor, Classification of self excited DC motor and generator.

Unit IV: Digital Electronics

Number systems used in digital electronics, decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal, their complements, operation and conversion, floating point and signed numbers, Demorgan’s theorem, AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND, EX-NOR, EX-OR gates and their representation, truth table, half and full adder circuits, R-S flip flop, J-K flip flop.


Introduction to Semiconductors, Diodes, V-I characteristics, Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) and their working, introduction to CC, CB & CE transistor configurations, different configurations and modes of operation of BJT, DC biasing of BJT.


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