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Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics


Courses Included


This course covers generic syllabus for Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics.


UNIT 1: Building Materials & Construction

Stones, bricks, cement, lime, timber-types, properties, test & uses, laboratory tests concrete and mortar Materials: Work ability, Strength properties of Concrete, Nominal proportion of Concrete preparation of concrete, compaction, curing. Elements of Building Construction, Foundations conventional spread footings, RCC footings, brick masonry walls, plastering and pointing, floors, roofs, Doors, windows, lintels, staircases – types and their suitability.

UNIT 2: Surveying & Positioning

Introduction to surveying Instruments – levels, thedolites, plane tables and related devices. Electronic surveying instruments etc. Measurement of distances – conventional and EDM methods, measurement of directions by different methods, measurement of elevations by different methods. Reciprocal leveling.

UNIT 3: Mapping & Sensing

Mapping details and contouring, Profile Cross sectioning and measurement of areas, volumes, application of measurements in quantity computations, Survey stations, Introduction of remote sensing and its applications.

UNIT 4: Forces and Equilibrium

Forces and Equilibrium: Graphical and Analytical Treatment of Concurrent and non- concurrent Co- planner forces, free Diagram, Force Diagram and Bow’s notations, Application of Equilibrium Concepts: Analysis of plane Trusses: Method of joints, Method of Sections. Frictional force in equilibrium problems.

UNIT 5: Center of Gravity and moment of Inertia

Center of Gravity and moment of Inertia: Centroid and Center of Gravity, Moment Inertia of Area and Mass, Radius of Gyration, Introduction to product of Inertia and Principle Axes. Support Reactions, Shear force and bending moment Diagram for Cantilever & simply supported beam with concentrated, distributed load and Couple.


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