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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is lab information located?

Lab information link is sent within the email sent for lab login credentials, this email is sent after lab booking is paid.

Direct links for lab information :

 Lab login information

Lab login credentials are sent via email after booking. There are two sets of login, first set of login credentials is always your email ID you used to book lab with. Second set of login is for specific lab realm. Lab logins are time bounded, you can login to lab 15 minutes prior to beginning of lab and timer expires after 15 mins of lab session.

Online Lab Console

First auth :

testclue lab login

Second auth :


testclue lab login

After successful lab login you will be presented with web console to devices:

testclue lab login

My lab login is not working.

  • Possible that you are trying to login more than 15 minutes before your lab session supposed to start, so if lab is booked to start at 08:00 AM, the login will start to work from 07:45 AM.
  • Lab session is finished, and you are trying to login 15 minutes after end of session.
  • Still issues with login, please find support information on this page below.
  • I want to add / modify lab topology, configuration, need more interfaces, change routing, contact us using support information on this page below.

 Lab Live Support

  • Method 1 – Contact via form provided below (reply within 20 mins)
  • Method 2 – Urgent Support (reply within 10 mins via skype chat) Skype : mavrike_9
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