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Energy, Env. Eco. & Society

Energy, Env. Eco. & Society


This course covers generic syllabus for Energy, Environment, Ecology & Society


Unit 1: Energy

Energy- Sources of Energy : Renewable & Non Renewable, Fossil fuel, Biomass Geothermal, Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, Hydra, nuclear sources.

Unit 2: Ecosystem

Ecosystem – Segments of Environment: Atmosphere, hydrosphere, Lithosphere, biosphere. Cycles in Ecosystem – Water, Carbon, Nitrogen. Biodiversity: Threats and conservation.

Unit 3: Air Pollution

Air Pollution: Air pollutants, classification, (Primary & secondary Pollutants) Adverse effects of pollutants. Causes of Air pollution chemical, photochemical, Green house effect, ozone layer depletion, acid Rain. Sound Pollution: Causes, controlling measures, measurement of sound pollution (deciblage), Industrial and non – industrial.

Unit 4: Water Pollution

Water Pollution– Water Pollution: Pollutants in water, adverse effects. Treatment of Domestic & Industrial water effluent.

Soil Pollution – Soil Profile, Pollutants in soil, their adverse effects, controlling measures.

Unit 5: Society, Ethics & Human Values

Society, Ethics & Human values– Impact of waste on society. Solid waste management (Nuclear, Thermal, Plastic, medical, Agriculture, domestic and e-waste). Ethics and moral values, ethical situations, objectives of ethics and its study . Preliminary studies regarding Environmental Protection Acts , introduction to value education, self exploration, sanyam & swasthya.

Course Curriculum

Energy 00:10:00
Fossil Fuels 00:10:00
Solar Energy 00:10:00
Solar Water Heater 00:10:00
Solar Cooking 00:09:00
Solar Ponds 00:08:00
Wind Energy 00:10:00
Geothermal Energy 00:10:00
Nulear Energy 00:10:00
Nuclear Reactors 00:10:00
Unit I Quiz 00:20:00
Ecosystem 00:10:00
Energy Flow In An Environment 00:07:00
Environment And Its Components 00:10:00
Major Layer and Structure of Atmosphere 00:10:00
Nitrogen Cycle 00:15:00
Biodiversity: Defination, Types and Importance 00:15:00
Food Chain and Types 00:15:00
Unit II Quiz 00:20:00
Air Pollution
Air Pollution And Its Sources 00:09:00
Classifications of Air Pollution 00:09:00
Particulators And Its Modes Of Formation 00:07:00
Photochemical Smog 00:10:00
Development of Photochemical smog 00:13:00
GreenHouse Effect / Global Warming 00:09:00
Causes and Effects of Global Warming 00:15:00
Acid Rain 00:00:00
Causes, Effects and Prevention of Acid Rain 00:13:00
Sound Pollution and its Sources 00:13:00
Measures of Sound Pollution Control 00:08:00
Unit III Quiz 00:20:00
Water Pollution
Water Pollution and its Sources 00:10:00
Organic and Inorganic Water Pollutants 00:09:00
Adverse effects of water pollution 00:08:00
Biodegredable and Non Biodegredable Water Pollutants 00:05:00
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 00:05:00
Chemical Oxygen Demand 00:07:00
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatment of Water 00:12:00
Aerobic and Anaerobic Waste Water Treatment 00:15:00
Sketch for Conventional Domestic Waste Water Treatment 00:05:00
Soil 00:05:00
Soil Formation 00:08:00
Soil Profile 00:08:00
Sources of Soil Pollution 00:10:00
Unit IV Quiz 00:18:00
Society, Ethics & Human Values
Society and Environment 00:07:00
Impact of Waste on Society 00:05:00
Methods of Solid Waste Disposal and Treatment 00:10:00
What is Nuclear Waste Management 00:06:00
“3 RS” of Wastes Management 00:10:00
ETHICS 00:05:00
Common and Professional Ethics 00:05:00
Rights and Duties of Ethics 00:05:00
Solving Ethical Conflicts 00:10:00
Utility of Ethics for Betterment of Society 00:10:00
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 00:10:00
Steps Involved in EIA Methodology 00:08:00
Ethical Codes 00:05:00
Benefits of Ethical Code 00:05:00
Sample Paper 00:15:00
Unit V Quiz 00:15:00

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